Weighted Vest for Training Running Workout Adjustable 0 to 110 lbs with Ankle Leg Weights and Steel Plates

$109.95 $280.00 -61% OFF


Weighted Vest for Training Running Workout Adjustable 0 to 110 lbs with Ankle Leg Weights and Steel Plates

$109.95 $280.00 -61% OFF


Have you ever finished a workout or a run feeling like it wasn't quite challenging enough? What if there was a way to intensify your workout instantly without any hassle for a better more effective result?


Using Weighted Vest for Training helps you to add the resistance and weight as needed.  Additional weight adds an intensity to any workout which in turn helps to improve the result of your workout.

How does wearing a Weighted Vest help?

Wearing a weighted vest is simply a method of adding extra weight to your body. The added resistance requires your heart, lungs, and muscles to work harder which leads to a more efficient workout. In short, wearing a weighted vest makes your workout more effective.

One major advantage of a weighted vest is versatility. They can be used to train for an event, help you burn fat and lose weight, or to pack on lean muscle mass. Whatever your goal is, a weighted vest can help you get there faster.


  • Easily Adjustable: From 0-110 lbs

  • Breathable & Comfortable: Suitable for any workout!
  • One-Size-Fits-All: Adjustable straps so any adult can fit!
  • Amazing Quality: Made of high-density thickening oxford fabric, the weight vest training is durable to use. Designed with widening shoulder, comfortable to wear. Highly flexible compressed sponge interlining, for protection and shock absorption.
  • Nearly any exercise can be made more difficult with the Adjustable Weighted Vest.  Our top picks are running, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, crunches, and planks


  • Max loading: 50kg/110lbs
  • Length: 60cm / 23.6in
  • Width: 42cm / 16.5in
  • Weight (Empty): 700g / 1.54lb

Package Includes:

1 x Weighted Vest (does not include weights)

1 pair x Ankle Weights (does not include weights)

5 pcs x Steel Plates (Total 2.2 lbs)

Please note that the Weighted Vest empty weight is 1.54lb does not include the max loading weight.

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