Vegetable Cutter With Rotated Drain Bowl

$29.95 $44.95 -34% OFF

Vegetable Cutter With Rotated Drain Bowl

$29.95 $44.95 -34% OFF
All-New Innovative Style Vegetable Slicer Cutter 

It comes with a unique drainage feature that allows you to clean vegetables directly through the drainage system after you've cut them. Skip the tedious cleaning process and make your cleaning easier.


  • Cut and wash, easy and fast, rotating buckle, automatic rotation Angle, asphalt basket is always stable, easy to wash vegetable and drainage.
  • You can use a different knife head according to your requirements, it is more convenient for you to cook.
  • You can cut vegetables and then clean them directly through a drainage device.
  • Comfortable handle can be controlled with one hand, free one hand.
  • Skid stability, ventilation, and ventilation will not scratch the table.
  • The cutting cover can be removed freely for easy use.
  • Asphalt clean fast, that is, wash and drain.

Different Tool Head Parameters: 

  • 15MM THIN FLIM CUTTER HEAD: Suitable for making fruit skin thin-flim, homemade thin-flim mask
  • 3MM MEDIUM SILK CUTTER: Uniform thickness, the cut food is suitable for coloring or frying
  • 4MM THICK KNIFE HEAD: Uniform silk is more delicious, suitable for stir-frying or steaming
  • GRATED KNIFE HEAD: Grated ginger grated without chopping, easy and labor-saving
  • 2.5 MM THICK KNIFE HEAD: Easy to slice, save time and labor a good helper
  • 2 MM CUTTING KNIFE HEAD: Easy to slice, save time and a labor a good helper
  • SLICING KNIFE: Make delicious potato chips at home with ease




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