Solar System Chart

$28.50 $39.95 -29% OFF

Solar System Chart

$28.50 $39.95 -29% OFF

In our childhood, almost every kid has an astronaut dream. Try to give the child a perfect educational gift? Here is the answer.

This Solar System Chart poster is Gift Ready and a perfect decoration for your kid’s bedroom, classroom and office. Just stare at it for a moment and it will bring you inner peace, whether you are a child or adult.

  • All you need to know about the solar system: This poster refers to Stars (The Sun), Planets, Dwarf Planets, Natural satellites, Minor Planets, even the Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt, plenty of knowledges that you want to know about the solar system.
  • Astronomy data chart: Feature chart shows how this system works. Mega data sets such as “Distance from Sun, Radius, Mass, Rotation, Moons, Orbital Inclination” and so on. ALL the data are provided by NASA
  • Detailed illustration: A short story for each planet, shows what role they played in the solar system.
  • Elegant Design: Not only the overview is well-designed, but also meant to give an intuitive feeling to the reader. We use AU (Distance from sun to earth) and Relative sizes rather than miles as measurement to illustrate this system.
  • Premium Quality: Your poster printed on photo quality paper with high gloss ink. 

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