Solar-Powered Easy Bird Fountain Kit

$36.95 $44.95 -18% OFF

Solar-Powered Easy Bird Fountain Kit

$36.95 $44.95 -18% OFF

Turn any water into a beautiful solar bird bath fountain!

This solar water fountain works anywhere and runs solely off of solar power. The fountain is easy to use, all you have to do is place it into water with the solar panels facing up, and then it will beautifully run automatically every single day. Perfect for your backyard, garden or home this spring and summer. Whether you want to impress guests, up the decor of your backyard, or just simply watch birds play in a bird bath, the solar powered water fountain is perfect for everyone!
The garden fountain can float around a body of water freely, or you can place a suction cup to the bottom of it to keep it sitting in one place. The solar fountain comes with four different nozzle heads for different styles and patterns of water.


  • Eco-friendly solar fountain pump: Solar powered, no electricity or batteries needed
  • Easy to install and use: Just place in a body of water and let it charge up, then watch it run all day long
  • Multi-application: Great for pools, ponds, bird baths, gardens, and even fish tanks as it works well for circulating oxygen in the water
  • Different water styles and patterns: Comes with four fountain nozzles for different styles and patterns of running fountain water
  • Convenient function design: Easy to clean and no maintenance needed. Portable and has no wiring or plugs

Product Specifications:

Maximum water height: Approx. 20 inches

Color: Black

Type: Flower shaped

Product size: 6.3in x 6.3in x 0.7in

Product weight: 9.17oz (260g)

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