Organic Fruit and Vegetable Facial Sheet Mask Maker

$59.95 $129.95 -54% OFF

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Facial Sheet Mask Maker

$59.95 $129.95 -54% OFF

Tired of spending money on expensive facials and skin care products to maintain and improve your skin condition?

Did you know that the ingredients you have lying around the kitchen can be used to make your own DIY facial mask that is packed full of natural ingredients?


If you suffer from acne and sensitive skin, you know how risky it is to try new skin care such as masks as the ingredients inside might trigger your skin condition to worsen. By controlling what you put on your face, you can see the different better and it is also healthier for your skin without the added preservatives and chemicals in conventional skin care products! 


  • Natural facial masks for fruits and vegetables, without preservatives, without lead, without mercury or other irritants. 
  • Super safe and healthy to use.
  • Mini computer control, which allows you to create natural masks of various types according to the skin that pours the juice of fruits and vegetables, or tea, milk, soy milk, honey, beer and red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers eggs , etc.
  • Easy to clean. Simply change the button to the automatic cleaning and washing mode to eliminate the substances that remain inside the machine.
  • The production procedure takes only 5 minutes, which is a very economical and convenient way to achieve a safe facial beauty at home. 
  • Silent, automatic, easy to use, just a power button to control all programs, click on the power button to change or confirm how the mask is created and how to clean it.


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel 
  • Power: 220V-50Hz
  • Watt: 36W
  • Size: Approx. 16.5 * 11.0cm / 6.5 * 4.3inch

Recommended DIY Face Masks Recipes:

Hydrating And Nourishing Mask With Kiwi And Green Tea.
Ingredients: 20ml of ripe kiwi (you only need one kiwi), and 60ml of green tea (instead of plain mineral water).
You could also use: grapes, cucumber, milk, aloe vera.

Oily And Acne Prone Calming Mask With Strawberries And Lime
Ingredients: 10ml of strawberry juice (2 large strawberries), 10ml of lime juice (half a lime), and 60ml of mineral water.
You could also use: rose water, beetroot, carrots, lavender oil.

Brightening Mask With Lemon And Honey
Ingredients:: 1 teaspoon of honey, 15ml of lemon juice (half a lemon), and 60 ml of mineral water.
You could also use: peaches, carrots, Jasmine tea, milk, rice water, olive oil.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mask Machine
  • 1 x Mask Plate
  • 1 x US Plug
  • 1 x Manual

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