Mosquito Bug Net Canopy For Bed, Outdoor & Camping

$39.95 $79.95 -51% OFF

Mosquito Bug Net Canopy For Bed, Outdoor & Camping

$39.95 $79.95 -51% OFF

Protect Yourself From Pesky Insects and Bugs When You're Sleeping!

Don't let those mosquitoes attack you when you're sleeping and unaware. It is not only annoying to wake up with red mosquito bite patches all over you, it is dangerous too! 

The Mosquito and Bug Net For Bed  is easy to install above your bed or even outdoors! Made out of fine and breathable mesh, you will not even notice that the net is there. If you love hanging on your patio or camping, you can easily install this net so that you can relax without worrying about pesky mosquitoes disturbing you. 


  • Soft and breathable mesh which can withstand wear and tear and will not be easily torn with sharp objects.
  • Easy to install: Comes with 4 anchors, 4 hooks and top ring which can be hung from the ceiling or bed post. 
  • 4 Openings: The mesh has four openings which does not restrict your movement.
  • Made of fine mesh material: Breathable and will not be stuffy. The small holes does not allow mosquitoes and insects to enter.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor: Hang it over your bed or even when you're outdoors camping.


  • Material: polyester fiber (polyester)
  • Size: 190x210x240cm/ 74.8"x 82.6" x 94.48 inches
  • Scope: Suitable for single or double beds.

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