Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

$33.95 $54.99 -39% OFF


Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

$33.95 $54.99 -39% OFF


This makeup brush cleaner washes your brushes in just a few seconds. The wand spins your brushes to separate the bristles and get a deeper clean. No more endless scrubbing!


  • No More Waiting for Your Brushes to Dry: The electric makeup brush spins your brushes clean and dry in seconds. No more waiting hours for your brushes to dry. Never be without a clean brush again.

  • So Easy to Use: The makeup brush cleaner and dryer is so easy to use. Fill the clear bowl to the water line and attach the splash guard. Then, slip your makeup brush inside the collar, and place the collar onto the spindle. Now you're ready to clean. Insert your brush into the water, and with the touch of a button, your brush spins clean. Pull the brush out of the water to let it spin dry. Takes only seconds!

  • Works on Virtually Any Size Brush: The collars come in multiple sizes, so it fits large, small, and medium brushes.

  • Brush Feels New: Makeup brush cleaner machine removes both water-soluble and non-water-soluble makeup


  • Power source: 2AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Handle Material: Metal

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Brush Handle
  • 1 x Makeup Brush Holder
  • 1 x Bowl

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