Egg Incubator Hatching Box

$42.95 $69.95 -39% OFF

Egg Incubator Hatching Box

$42.95 $69.95 -39% OFF

Always wanted to hatch your own chicken, quail or even duck? Now you can do so conveniently with the Egg Incubator Hatching Box.



  • Durable: Our mini incubator fits 4 eggs, made of durable ABS material for easy cleaning; Transparent design for excellent visibility to observe the working principle of the machine and egg hatching situation!
  • Simple operation: LED display can be used for temperature setting and simple operation; agile temperature sensing can accurately sense a temperature difference of 0.01 ℃; automatic temperature control can ensure that the egg is in an ideal environment! Suitable for small experiments for family use or children's growth.
  • Uniform heat & humidity: The basket-like hollow sink design will keep humidity within the normal range. Automatic temperature detection.
  • Great for poultry eggs: This incubator is suitable for breeding - chickens, ducks, geese, quail, birds, pigeons etc. It will meet home incubation needs or help kids learn about the whole hatching process, cultivating children's curiosity.
  • Easy to use: This incubator is easy to assemble, low noise, low power consumption and the inlet is easy to inject water and so on. 



How to use: 

  1.  When the power plug is plugged into AC220V, the red LED lights up and the incubator enters the working mode
  2. Press the Set key, the blue light is on, enter the temperature setting mode, press the +/- key to adjust the temperature level (The LED flashing lights up blue for temperature low and automatically starts heating.)
  3. Upper and lower limit function: The incubator sets the setting range of the control temperature point


  • Warm up the machine for two minutes before incubation, and check if the controller is 39 ° C
  • Check if the two LED indicators are on when warming up
  • 3After the preheating is completed, first disconnect the power supply, fill the water tank with water, put the eggs in the machine.


  • Egg capacity: 4 pcs
  • Input voltage: 110V-230V
  • Power: 15W
  • Adjustable Temperature: 20-40 centigrade
  • Dimensions: 175mm * 175mm *160mm
  • Usable range: chicken/duck/goose/quail/pigeon/birds, etc

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Egg Incubator
  • 1 x Charging Plug
  • 1 x Manual

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