3D Memory Foam Car Pillow

$24.95 $44.90 -45% OFF

3D Memory Foam Car Pillow

$24.95 $44.90 -45% OFF

Need a solution for fatigue driving? We have you a comprehensively improve driving comfort!


  • Inner filling is memory cotton, high-density memory function, extrusion does not deform, feel more soft. 
  • It is multi-functional , can use in auto , home or office.
  • Ergonomic design, headrest pillow fitting neck curve, lumbar supports fitting waist curve, alleviate driving fatigue, even sitting for too long won't make you feel uncomfortable
  • The neck pillow can adjust the position according to your height.
  • Not only the texture but also make your car more luxurious.
  • The neck won't feel pain, the waist won't feel sore, and the thigh won't be numb because of sedentary.


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