4 in 1 Light Therapy Galvanic Ultrasound Massage Device

$69.99 $89.95 -23% OFF

4 in 1 Light Therapy Galvanic Ultrasound Massage Device

$69.99 $89.95 -23% OFF

Beauty and skin care shouldn’t come at great expense to your body or your wallet. And now it won’t, with the 4 in 1 Light Therapy Galvanic Ultrasound Massage Device. Achieve more supple and firm skin all over, and slim down, by targeting problem areas with this revolutionary and clinically proven device.


Breakdown Stubborn Fats

The high frequency vibration massager (12000rpm) can soften the grease, blackheads and breakdown the fat cells at stubborn areas effectively. It accelerates the speed of cellulite removal, so you can have ideal body shape in no time.

Rejuvenate Youthful Skin

High-level ultrasound wave technology increase oxygenation to the cells, stimulating collagen protein and aiding in the removal of waste products. It benefits blood circulation, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate youthful skin.

Better Nutrient Absorption

Ionic function in this device penetrates your beauty cream deep into the skin and improve nutrition absorption. Meantime, remove impurities to the positively charged metal plate and clean the skin deeply.

Gives You Plump Healthy Skin

Skin elasticity can be improved through the Galvanic Current which generate acid action, strengthen the fibre tissue of skin, promote blood circulation and boost skin firmness.

Pain Free Light Therapy Slimming

Blue light: Produces a calm and astringent effect, removes skin impurities, and reduce acne.

Red light: Stimulates cells, increase blood circulation, enhance collagen production and stretch of fibres. This results a smoother and more elastic skin.

Green light: Stimulate cell reformation, repair skin rapidly, and lighten fine lines and wrinkles.




  • IMPUT: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • OUTPUT: DC 15 V - 0,4A
  • LED RED: 625+-3nm
  • LED GREEN:525+-3nm
  • LED BLUE: 465+-3nm

Package Includes:

1 x 4 in 1 Light Therapy Galvanic Ultrasound Massage Device
1 x Manual


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