Ultracavitat Fat Remover Body Slimming Machine

$99.95 $249.88 -61% OFF

Ultracavitat Fat Remover Body Slimming Machine

$99.95 $249.88 -61% OFF

Have tried everything but just can't seem to get rid of cellulite and your problem areas even after exercising and change in diet? You're not the only one with the same frustration! Cavitation and liposuction at beauty centers cost hundreds and even thousands for a session. Why not have as many treatments as you want with the Ultracavitat Fat & Cellulite Remover at home?

How Does It Work?

The ultrasonic massager vibrates nearly a million times per second to instantly activate your skin cells and break down fat deposits. Cooperating ultrasound technology, this device helps to regenerate skin cells and prevent signs of aging and fatigue.


Multi-Functional EMS Modes Fulfill All Your Needs

Featuring 5 EMS modes including massage, kneading, tapping, scraping, and slimming and a further 8 levels to adjust intensity to your specified comfort, the customizations are nearly endless!

Light Indicators Make For Easy Function

4 LED therapy lights adjustment for better beauty performance:

  • Red light - help increase your circulation and boost skin cell production of collagen and speed up your body’s metabolism.
  • Blue light - diminishing acne and inflammation while decreasing the chances of acne scarring.
  • Green light - helps reduce excessive sebum secretion and keep your skin at balanced pH levels.
  • Cyan light - promotes collagen production and enhances your skin’s appearance.


Experience Difference With Just 15 Minutes Per Day

Ultrasonic massage reaches deeply into the skin. The micro-vibrations help to stimulate body’s blood circulation and breakdown body fats to achieve slimming results. In only 10-15 minutes daily, you’ll experience dynamic changes on your appearance.



  • Slimming & Toning
  • Deep Heat Therapy
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Soothes Pain
  • Regulates Cells Regeneration
  • Micro Current and Ultrasound Technology
  • Portable and Simple To Use

              How To Use?

              Step 1 – Cleanse your skin before application

              Step 2 – Spread body shaping product on your skin evenly

              Step 3 – Turn on the device (red light will blink) and start to massage.

              • Press the SONIC button (once) for low intensity for facial area ; (twice) for high intensity for body parts



              • Input: 100-240V
              • Output: 15V 800mA
              • Power: 6W
              • Ultrasonic Frequency: 1MHz
              • Plug Type: US Plug

              Package Includes:  

              • 1 x 1MHz Ultrasound massager
              • 1 x Power adapter
              • 1 x Wire
              • 4 x Pad
              • 1 x User manual
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