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Micro Current Facial... $69.95 $129.95
Looking to get a snatched V line and jaw line? Have considered surgical procedures but the cost is too high and there is a lot of risk involved? Achieve that slim face that you are looking for with this Micro Current Facial Device for Face Lifting. Just place the device on the sides of the face and let it do the work for you while you relax.  Targets saggy skin, excess fat on cheeks and jaw line for an overall slimmer face shape. Features: EMS Micro-Current: Sonic vibration gets deeply into the fat layer for the improvement of wrinkles and facial profile.  Lifting and Firming: Beneficial to improve saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to tighten facial skin. Sonic Vibration Massage: Over 600 times/minute pulse penetrates the epidermis fundamentally removing extra fat. Silicone Conductive Pads: The skin-friendly pads perfectly attach to skin, effectively conducting pulse power for face muscle movement. Ergonomic Design: Smooth and fine face massager in streamline design, can be worn like a headset for more convenient use. Note: 1) The first using time should not be over 10 minutes. 2) Not recommended to use while sleeping. 3) People under the age of 6 years old are not recommended for using. 4) The continuous sense of pressure while wearing may be caused of wrong wearing way. Please adjust and try again. 5) Use it once a day for 30 minutes. For a period of time, 98% of the people's facial contours are tightened. Specifications: Material: ABS Size: 20cm * 19cm * 7.5cm/  7.87" *7.48" * 2.92" Weight: 0.39kg/ 0.86lbs
-41% sale
Anti-aging Eye Massager... $29.95 $49.99
Eyes are extremely important to lead a happy life. Bright eyes look bigger and more beautiful than eyes that are dull and puffy. It is a dream of every person to have a sparkling bright pair of eyes. Get rid of your dark circles, and eye bags with a combination of high-frequency vibration and negative ion technology Anti-aging Eye Massager that help rejuvenate your skin and enhance your skin appearance.   Ditch the tired, fatigued look by brightening your eye area Saggy eye bags can be a pain in the neck. But with the high frequency micro-vibration technology eye massager, you can restore your youthful radiant eyes from the comfort of home. The EMS current stimulates eye meridians, restore eye vitality and effectively lighten eye bags, fine lines and dark circles.   Why light therapy? Light therapy helps to stimulates energy deep into subcutaneous tissue and cellular level. Various wavelengths of lights has proven to assist tissue repair from the inside out. Red Light:  Gentle care red light assist to tighten the skin Blue Light: Calm skin, eliminate wrinkles, relieve dark circle and reduce acne effectively.   Improve nutrients absorption into skin 42 ℃ heating help to open your pores and with the combination of ion-implantation technology can quickly introduce nutrients into the skin and absorb them effectively, making the skin around the eyes hydrated.   Suitable for various part This massager can be used for both eye and facial care. A lipstick size massager that can be easily held on one hand, smartly satisfying your varied needs in different occasions. The oval head is suitable for all parts of face and reach the deep layers of the skin. How to Use Long press the switch button to turn on/off the device. Press the button to change the mode. Specifications Nominal Voltage: 5V Battery Capacity: 300 mAh Nominal Input Power: 3W Charging Time: Approximately 2-3 hours Vibration Frequency: 1000 times/Min Working Time: 5 minutes Weight: 48g Product Dimension: 5 x 1.06 inches Package Includes: 1x Anti Aging Eye Bag, Dark Circle Remover Roller Massager 1x USB Cable 1x Manual
-18% sale
4 in 1... $37.95 $45.95
Face washing is the first basic step for skin care. Acne and blackheads occur is due to pore blockage by dirt and excessive oil on skin. Hence effective cleansing keeps your skin looking radiant and healthy.  Likewise, skin care product can be absorbed better. Introducing our Multifunction 4 in 1 Facial Cleansing Brush which is 10 times more effective than cleaning by hand. Economical and practical, not needing you to buy several device, brighten you skin color, reduce acne, blackhead and pores. FEATURES Changeable Cleaning Brush For Multipurpose Skin Care Demand     Improved Cleaning with 3 Adjustable Gear Device can be adjusted to low, medium or high speed according to your face needs.   360° Rotation Effective Deep Cleaning  Changeable direction to clean your face thoroughly and reach areas that are difficult to clean. How To Use: Specifications:  Material: ABS, silicone Power supply: USB Voltage: DC5V Battery Capacity: 300 mAh Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours Waterproof: IPX7 Item size:  7.7 x 1.6 x 0.7 (inch) / 19.6 x 4.1 x 1.7 (cm) Package Includes: 1 x 4 in 1 Facial Cleaning Brush 4 x Brush heads 1 x Base 1 x USB cable 1 x Manual
-51% sale
Pimple Acne Remover... $29.95 $59.95
It's an important day the next day and your skin just decides to break out? We know how frustrating it is when you want to look your best but your skin just does not cooperate! The next step we would usually take is to try to pop the pimple but it only makes it worse in some situations. The best way is to calm the pimple and inflammation with blue light therapy that is non invasive and non scarring! The Pimple Acne Remover Light Therapy Pen uses the blue light technology to combat acne and treat breakouts without causing any scarring to your face which can occur if the pimple is not popped or dealt with properly by a dermatologist. Main Functions: 415nm blue LED light to combat acne and breakouts Skin tightening, pores shrinking, eliminate acne bacteria, it has a great effect on oily skin, sensitive skin and red spots. 42°C Heat treatment for lymph detoxification BIO current diminishes inflammation and reduces pain. How does it help with acne and breakout? The devices is using the specific 415nm blue light in the visible light to kill the bacteria in the skin and pores. The introduction of the 42 degrees heat and BIO micro electric current can effectively reduce the grease of pimples, so that to accelerate the removal of the acne and pimples.  Specifications: Material: ABS​​​​   Power supply: USB charging Package Includes: 1 x Pimple Acne Remover Light Therapy Pen 1 x USB Cable
-51% sale
Pore Vacuum Blackhead... $39.95 $79.95
Tried different types of blackhead removing product but never work? You should try this! Going frequently to facial appointments cost too much but would still like to maintain your skin and have clear pores? The Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover Tool is an easy to use tool that helps to remove dirt from your pores easily from the comfort of your home. Features: For acne, pimple skin treatment. To polish, to rough holes, to fine lines. Promote nutrition absorption, promote skin metabolism. Diamond design sense, ergonomic handle, comfortable. Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin rejuvenation. HOW TO USE1. Before using this pore vacuum, please try to open up your facial pores with hot towel or steam. 2. With reasonable suction level, do not suck in a fixed place more than 3 seconds, you have to move the suction head from the top to down (contrary to the direction of pores growth) and do not move back and forth, just moving in one direction. 3. After using blackhead remover, please use cold water or mask to tighten and restore the treated pore. Specification: Product Name : Blackhead Remover Vacuum Material: ABS+PC Input power: <4.0w Input voltage: 5V Input current: <1A Battery capacity: 850MAH Battery type: lithium battery(USB Charging) Suction: 53KPA Charging time: about 200 minutes Use time: about 150 minutes Package Included: 1 x Main Device 1 x Big Circular Hole Head 1 x Small Circular Hole Head 1 x Oval Hole Head 1 x Diamond Head 1 x USB Charging Wire 1 x English Manual
-31% sale
Electric Guasha Mini... $34.95 $49.99
Enjoy Effortless Guasha Scrapping Massage For Whole Face With This Electric Facial Scrapping Device Features: Multi Functions: This device helps to massage, face lifting and body slimming. 2 Different Modes: Blue light is for normal temperature massage whereas Red light is in warm temperature. You may select the mode according to your needs. Works Well With Skin Care: This product also helps your skin to absorb the skin care products easily so that your face could stay moisture all the time. Portable & Easy To Use: The size is convenient for you to carry around and you can use it anytime at anywhere by switching on the device. How To Use:   Specifications: Material: ABS Power supply: USB Battery: 400 mAh Charging time: Approximately 2 hours Charging Display: Light flashes while charging and the light will stay on when the device is fully charged Vibration Frequency: 11000 times / minute Product Dimension: 0.45 x 0.25 inch Package Includes: 1x Electric Guasha Mini Facial Scraping Slimming Lifting 1x Data Cable 1x Manual
-35% sale
Portable Facial Steamer... $32.95 $49.99
Keep your skin hydrated all day long Features:  Ultrasonic Nano Treatment: It consists of the technology that converted the combination of skincare and water into tiny particles in order to reach the higher level of moisturizing skin care which is good for our skin. Various Functions: Can be treated as a power bank and skin moisture analyzer. It measures the oil and moisture of the skin and show the numbers on the screen.  Large Water Capacity: 35ML of Nano mister can be used together with liquid skin care, such as pure milk and toner. 1 : 9 is the best ratio for mineral water to skin care. Rechargeable & Lightweight: It can be charged by laptop or in car which brings convenience for most people.  How To Use: Specifications:  Material: Plastic Weight: 0.16 KG Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh Fog Time: 61 to 120 seconds Package Includes: 1x Portable Facial Steamer and Humidifier Mist Spray 1x USB Cable 1x Manual  1x Box
-17% sale
Face Massager Germanium... $49.95 $59.95
Introducing the Face Massager Germanium Stone Roller! This is the latest innovative face massager roller that has been enhanced with Germanium Stone. Unlike other Germanium Face Rollers in the market, this is an upgraded model with a dual hexagon “Y-shape” rolling massage head that comfortably grips the body and face, while sonic vibrations of 6,000 rpm and germanium infused stones deeply massage tired muscles and skin.  What is Germanium? Germanium is commonly contained in the coal and plants that grows in the soil, such as Korean ginseng, aloe, and garlic. Germanium helps to balance out the bio electric current and conditions the skin. It helps to promotes blood circulation which in turns helps the skin to regenerate, improving fine lines and signs of aging. Benefits: TENSION RELIEF: Release muscle tension all over the body and at pressure points on the face where fine lines and wrinkles tend to form. TIGHTER SKIN: Fresh blood flow invigorates sluggish skin cells, increasing collagen production and improving skin elasticity. DEPUFFING: Cool to the touch, the Face Roller stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces surface water retention. GLOWING SKIN: Fresh blood flow improves skin’s radiance and luminosity. PRODUCT ABSORPTION: Enhance the absorption of your favorite skin care products by rolling after application. Features: “Y-shape” provides a comfortable grip on the body/face 360° dual hexagon rolling massage head Sonic vibrations of 6,000 rpm invigorate muscles and skin cells 48 infused germanium stones to detoxify the body Constructed of aluminum alloy, hence extremely durable Utilizes one AA battery (not included) Suitable for any skin type Specifications: Product Dimensions : 6.57 x 4.76 x 1.1 inches; 4.42 Ounces Power Source: 1 AA Battery (not included) Note  If you have a pacemaker or electronic implanted device, have metal allergies, have epilepsy/seizures or active cancer, are pregnant, are under the age of 18, or have any other medical concerns, please consult your doctor before using this beauty tool. Children should not play with this tool.
-34% sale
Ultrasonic Facial Skin... $59.95 $89.95
Hate dealing with blackheads and whiteheads that gets stuck in your pores? Did you know the cause of blackheads are due to the impurities that are clogged in your pores which can cause pimple and acne as well? Even after cleansing your face, there might be small dust particles and dirt that gets left behind which causes your enlarged pores.  The Ultrasonic Facial Skin Exfoliating Scrubber Roller Massager uses the EMS and Ultrasonic technology to go deep into your face to cleanse all the dirt and impurities that we are not able to reach by just washing with our hands.  Features: Digital LCD intelligent display, intuitive display the mode, the using time, and the battery capacity. One button operation two function modes: EMS Mode and Ultrasonic Mode Comes with a roller massager for facial massage: Helps absorption of skin care products, reduces aging marks such as wrinkles and improve blood circulation Ion+ leading-out + Ultrasonic mode: By 23,000 times per second high frequency ultrasonic vibration to go deep into the underlying skin, break down melanin, soften and dissolve extra grease, remove dirt, remove old dead cutin, reduce blackhead and acne. Ion- leading-in + EMS mode: Apply skin care essence, import nutrition and adsorb nutrition completely, can improve the skin tone, reduce fine lines and anti aging, restore skin firmness and elasticity. Built-in 450mAh rechargeable lithium battery, and USB charging design, energy saving and environmental protection, after 1 hour full charge, it can be used continuously for 1.5 hours. Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry, suitable for both home and travel use. Specifications: Material: ABS + Metal Working voltage: 3.7V Working current: 500±100mA Rated power: ≤ 2.5W Battery capacity: 450mAh Charging time: 1 hour Using time: 1.5 hours Weight: 114g Package Content:  1 x Skin scrubber 1 x USB cable 1 x User manual
-61% sale
Cryotherapy Hot Cold... $46.95 $119.00
Frequent facial trips burning a hole in your wallet? Facials help to improve and maintain our skin condition but it can be very costly to go for facial consistently.  What is the solution? A great tool that targets all your skin concerns in just one device that you can easily use at home even if you're not a beauty specialist. The Cryotherapy Hot Cold Therapy Facial Device uses the latest Ion Technology as well as Hot Cold function to target and solve skin concerns such as clogged pores, oily skin and dull skin. The Ion Technology draws out the impurities from the pores such as the harmful dust, cosmetic residue and more to thoroughly clean the skin. Functions: Deep cleansing of clogged pores which causes acne and pimples Deep cleansing of the skin to increase skin elasticity Prevent wrinkles and remove wrinkles Remove acne and remove blemishes Deeply introduce skin care products to effectively improve the efficacy of skin care products Helps to remove dark eye circles Removal of makeup Usage Recommendations: Specifications: Standard Voltage: 110V-220V Material: ABS+plating Size: 170mm*50mm*50mm
-51% sale
Anti Wrinkle Eye... $14.95 $29.95
Say goodbye to dark circles, eye bags and fine lines start from using our Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager which enhance nutrition absorption into skins. With its oval massage head, facial products can be applied evenly and takes care of every part around the eyes and face.   Features: Premium zinc alloy material in sturdy construction, durable and non-toxic, safe to use around your eyes, no pollution caused, easy to clean and maintain free. Can be used to massage when applying the cream or lotion, effectively helping promote the absorption and accelerate the blood circulation for muscle tiredness relief, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, also can reduce eye bags, dark circle, nasolabial folds & etc. Easy to operate, flat handle allows for ergonomic and comfortable grips, flexible to access hard-to-reach areas. Mini and portable, can be effortlessly put in your pocket, handbag or backpack, suitable for both home and travel use.   Specifications: Material: Zinc Alloy/Zinc Alloy+ABS Applicable to: Around Eyes, Facial Areas Package Included: 1* Eye Cream Massager Stick

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