Skin Rejuvenation Color Light Radio Frequency Beauty Equipment

$49.95 $99.95 -51% OFF


Skin Rejuvenation Color Light Radio Frequency Beauty Equipment

$49.95 $99.95 -51% OFF



Regain that youthful glow you once had from the comfort of your own home. Restore your skin’s radiance for a healthy, natural glow while lifting and firming facial contours. With our rejuvenation device, you can achieve professional skincare result at a price less than a single spa service.


Red / Blue Light Therapy

The red light stimulates collagen to maintain healthy, soft and beautiful skin. At the same time repair damaged tissue and reduce pores.

The blue light acts as an anti-inflammatory mechanism that calms hypersensitive, blemish-prone skin. It can minimize redness and diminish acne-causing bacteria, so that your skin can stay free of breakouts longer.


Warm Treatment

Eliminates skin fatigue with a soothing and relieving warm massage that helps to open cell pores, enabling a deeper absorption of essence with strengthened blood circulation.


Positive/Negative Ions

Our device uses extraction by biological currents, to remove dirt found deep in pores for a more thorough cleaning. The cosmetic ingredients are permeated into the muscle base by way of ion introduction.

  • Ion+ export: Dirt and aging skin are removed from under the pores. This provides higher detergency than normal makeup removers.
  • Ion- import: Skin care products are ionized and delivered to the inner skin, resulting in moist and transparent skin. Allowing skin to fully absorb the nutrition of the essences.


High-Frequency Vibration

Up to 8000 Vibrations are released to stimulate the skin, soften makeup residue, and remove blackheads and grease in the pores by helping to export them out of the skin. It stimulates cells to regenerate collagen that makes the skin feather soft and tender.


Package Include

1* Cleansing Rejuvenation Device

1* USB Cable

1* User Manual

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