Bluetooth Earpiece, Noise... from $29.95 $59.95
Always On Call When You Are On The Run? With the Bluetooth Earpiece, you can easily pick up your calls when you're on the go. Now, you don't have to worry about getting stopped for answering an emergency call or business calls. Unlike wired headphones, you don't have to worry about messy tangled cables with the Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone.  Caller ID Report: Announce Coming Caller's Phone Number, Pause Music for InComing Calls. Voice Recognition: Manage Calls Handsfree Without Pressing Buttons Through Voice Recognition Technology, Just Say "Yes" to Answer or Say "No" to Refuse. Noise Cancelling Technology: Triple Mic Technology Cancels Background and Wind Noise When in Crowds. Sweat-proof Technology: This Sweat Proof Bluetooth Microphone Headset is protected from Sweat, and Coffee Spills so You Can Wear the Headset in the Office or at the Gym. 270° adjustable Ear-fit. Adjustable ear-hook design allows the earphone fit on both LEFT and RIGHT ear. Long Lasting Battery Life: Can support up to 10 hours of calling time. While you are not using it, the device will automatically switch to power saving mode. Perfect Headphones for Truckers and People On The Go. Packaging list: 1 x Bluetooth headset 1 x USB charging cable 1 x User guide
-61% sale
Ladies Android Smart... $58.95 $149.95
A combination of luxury and technology at your wrist Tired of the same old boring looking smart watches with their bulky and heavy designs? The Premium Android Smartwatch for Women differs from other smart watches in the market with its premium and elegant design specially designed to add a luxurious touch to any outfit and accessories. This Ladies Android Smart Watch has 24 hours of continuous dynamic heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and analysis, calls and SMS notification, sports tracking, and all you need in a smartwatch. Features: Heart rate & blood pressure monitor: Heart rate & blood pressure monitoring function will give you real-time feedback anytime and anywhere. Sleep monitor: It monitors your sleep quality through measurement of duration for deep sleep, non-REM sleep(dreamless sleep) and waking conditions Sedentary reminder: When you are sitting for a longer time than the preset duration, the watch would vibrate to remind you that it's time to exercise Notifications: When you receive a call, text or a social message the watch will light and vibrate  Sport mode: keep up with your active lifestyle, real-time pedometer to help you track your goals IPX67 Waterproof: You don't have to worry about splashes on your watch SPECIFICATIONS: Display size: 2.4cm (.96in) Weigh: 43g (.094lbs) Band: 120mm to 200mm (4.7in to 7.87in) Shell: Zinc Alloy Battery: 120 MAH Size:
-59% sale
Women's Smartwatch, Android... $62.95 $149.95
Love the features and benefits of smart watches but just hate the old fashioned bulky design of smart watches? The Women's Smartwatch comes with all the benefits and convenience of a smart watch with an updated and elegant design!  Unlike bulky and unappealing boring design of smart watches in the market, this Android Smartwatches for Women is a perfect accessory for any outfit and occasion for both men and women. Key Features: Waterproof- Wear it without getting worried of it being caught in a rain. Accurate Motion Calculation- Use it as a sports watch and easily track your steps, distance and calories Incoming call and Messages- View incoming calls and messages on the watch easily Low power consumption- Long lasting battery life that allow you to use it for long periods of time Camera Control- Snap photos on your phone by controlling the watch (Perfect for taking group photos and selfies) Monitor Blood Pressure and Heart Rate-  Configurable wrist optical heart rate sensor Smart Reminder- Remind yourself to drink water, move around, sleep and many more Specifications CPU Model: Q8 Function: Chronograph Battery Capacity: 180-220mAh Display Size: 0.95inch OLED Compatibility: All Compatible (IOS and Android)
-45% sale
Weighted Vest For... $49.95 $89.95
Have you ever finished a workout or a run feeling like it wasn't quite challenging enough? What if there was a way to intensify your workout instantly without any hassle for a better more effective result? Using Weighted Vest for Training helps you to add the resistance and weight as needed.  Additional weight adds an intensity to any workout which in turn helps to improve the result of your workout.  How does wearing a Weighted Vest help? Wearing a weighted vest is simply a method of adding extra weight to your body. The added resistance requires your heart, lungs, and muscles to work harder which leads to a more efficient workout. In short, wearing a weighted vest makes your workout more effective. One major advantage of a weighted vest is versatility. They can be used to train for an event, help you burn fat and lose weight, or to pack on lean muscle mass. Whatever your goal is, a weighted vest can help you get there faster. Benefits: Easily Adjustable: From 0-110 lbs Breathable & Comfortable: Suitable for any workout! One-Size-Fits-All: Adjustable straps so any adult can fit! Amazing Quality: Made of high-density thickening oxford fabric, the weight vest training is durable to use. Designed with widening shoulder, comfortable to wear. Highly flexible compressed sponge interlining, for protection and shock absorption. Nearly any exercise can be made more difficult with the Adjustable Weighted Vest.  Our top picks are running, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, crunches, and planks Specifications: Max loading: 50kg/110lbs Length: 60cm / 23.6in Width: 42cm / 16.5in Weight (Empty): 700g / 1.54lb Package Includes: 1 x Weighted Vest (does not include weights) Please note that the Weighted Vest empty weight is 1.54lb does not include the max loading weight.
-41% sale
Hand Warmer Heated... $29.95 $49.95
Keep your hands warm and comfortable during the colder seasons with the Hand Warmer Heated Pillow The Hand Warmer is a great alternate to single use heat packs that are not environmentally friendly and inconvenient. This works great to warm the hands as well as other parts such as the neck and back and works great as a warm pillow for you to lie down as well. Features: Portable and lightweight: Easily carry this around wherever you go to provide you warmth. Adjustable heat: 3 adjustable heating temperatures (95℉/113℉/131℉) allows you to choose the heat level that is comfortable for you.  Multifunctional: Use it on your hands, neck, back or shoulders however you like. Easily use it with a powerbank or through the USB cable on the laptop, computer and more. Fast heating: Upgraded heating model which heats up in 1 minute Safe to use: With overheat and Overcurrent protection. Specifications: Size: 12 x 7 inches Material: Graphene Package Includes: 1 x Hand Warmer Heated Pillow 1 x Charging Cable  
-16% sale
Heated Slipper Electric... $44.95 $52.95
Keep your feet warm and toasty even in the harshest cold weather with the Heated Slipper Electric Foot Warmer Unlike other feet warmers, you can easily walk in these foot warmers without having to stay in one spot! The foot warmers insulates the feet and ankle from the cold. Know any loved ones always having cold feet during the colder seasons? This would be a great gift idea for the holiday seasons! Features: Powered by 5V low-voltage USB outlet with the latest carbon fiber heating technology for heating function.  Soft sole design for comfy touch, designed with zippers for better wearing comfort and convenience. Two-piece booties designed for providing more mobility than conventional foot warmers; allow users to move more freely in the surrounding area. *Note: Not suitable for outdoor use. Heating temperature up to 104°F/ 40°C, depends on ambient temperature, and accumulated heating time. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to feel warm, longer heating accumulate more warmness. Detachable USB for more convenience. Easily charge with any USB power plugs, laptop, desktop or powerbank.  Specifications: Size:  Fits shoes sizes from US Size 8.5-10 (10.12 inches - 10.56 inches) Material: Synthetic Fiber Heating Temperature:  104°F/ 40°C Power: 5V  Charging: USB Cable Package Includes: 1 Pair x Heated Slipper Electric Foot Warmer 1 x USB Cable
-29% sale
Bluetooth Wireless Portable... $49.95 $69.95
Listen to music and answer your calls comfortably on the go with the Bluetooth Wireless Portable Neck Speaker.  Long term usage of in ear headphones and earphones is not only uncomfortable, but it can also cause damage to hearing due to the close proximity of the audio to the ear. With the neck speaker, you can still enjoy your music without worrying about the long term damage and discomfort of traditional headphones. Features: Portable & Wearable Speaker - Free your hands and ears, you can enjoy music whether you are cooking dinner or doing outdoor sports such as walking, riding bicycle, climbing mountains etc.  Surround Sound - Upward facing speakers point toward your ears, with your ears free, maximizing what you hear, while minimizing what others hear around you. You can still stay aware of what’s around you while you enjoy your music.  Easy To Use - Along with latest Bluetooth 5.0 that connects to smartphones. Easily control the volume or skip tracks and answer calls easily with the control panel in front.  Long Lasting Battery - Plays for up to 5 hours off a single charge with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Lightweight & Comfortable Wear - Ergonomic shape, leaning lightly on your shoulder to create a small stereo surround private music field, stay comfortable for listening all day. Durable - Sweat and Weather Resistant, do not have to worry about wearing while working out. Specifications: Material: ABS, Silica, Cloth Cover Power by: 1 x Lithium battery (built-in) Interface type: USB Battery capacity: 1200MA Frequency response range: 80Hz-20KHz Signal to noise ratio: ≥70dB Play time: About 5-8 hours Number of speakers: 2 Effective distance: About 10-20 m Package Includes: 1 x Bluetooth Wireless Portable Neck Speaker 1 x USB Cable  1 x Manual
-47% sale
IPL Epilator Laser... $79.99 $149.95
Laser is the NEW Razor to remove your body hair with pain-free experience yet effective and leaving you with fuzz-free skin!  All you need is IPL Epilator Laser Hair Removal to get the job done perfectly and last longer. It’s time to drop the Razor and grab a Laser. Save time and Money. This device was engineered to make expensive salon treatment affordable for all.  600000 IPL Laser Hair Removal Epilator Demo Does it remove the hair permanently? Our IPL Epilator Laser Hair Removal targets the hair follicle which will help to inhibit hair growth overtime. The hair that grows back will be thinner and less dense and eventually the hair will be removed permanently with frequent usage.  Unlike shaving with razors, using an IPL Laser Hair Removal will prevent ingrown hair that can cause irritation and pain. Removal of hair with laser will leave your skin feeling silky smooth without stubble and rough patches.  Features: Comfort from home and cost effective: With Epilator Hair Removal, you could have professional results from the privacy of your own home anytime. That’s only a fraction of the price compare to you walk in to Hair-Laser Center that easily cost you jaw-dropping $50 to $300 per session! Proven effectiveness: The results are almost instantaneous. Most of our customers seeing over 92% of hair reduction after 7 to 9 times of treatments. Long-lasting effect:  After the 8th week onwards, you can start to enjoy the freedom of fuzz-free skin with long-lasting effects. Versatile and great coverage: It can be used for any parts of your body. The treatment itself is non-invasive, gentle and most importantly safe. Safe with no side effects: IPL treatments already exist for 25 years in the dermatology industry. It is clinically proven to be safe amongst dermatologists before we make it so convenient to be done at your home.  Easy operation with hassle free: Choose Single Flash Mode (Manual Flash) to treat precision areas like underarms, bikini line and face. Slide Mode (Automatic Flash) is for easy and fast treatments in straight forward areas such as legs and stomach. Multiple flash intensity for flexibility: The flash intensity increases with higher mode and translates to better effect. It is advisable to start with low-level intensity for 1st-time users. Tips: Normally, our customers will start to see up to 92% of hair reduction after 7 to 9 times of treatment. Within 1st to 4th week, it is recommended to have 2 times treatment per week. From 5th to 8th week onwards, you can reduce the treatment to once a week.  8th week onwards, further reduce the frequency to once every 2 weeks as maintenance.  Applicable for men and women.   How to use:  Shave, clean and dry the hair surface area. Connect the power plug and cable to power up the device. Put on sunglasses to avoid glaring flashes to prevent discomfort in your eyes. Adjust the flash intensity level to your preference and treatment area. Place the flash window vertically and press the flash key to start. Use skin care cream to moisturize your skin after the treatment. Package Includes: 1 x IPL Laser Hair Remover  1 x Operation Manual
-41% sale
Women's Watch Bracelet... $59.95 $99.95
A combination of a watch and elegant bracelet at your wrist Features: Unique Elegant Design : The metal frame of the watch is mounted with crystal diamonds that adds a touch of sparkle to your outfit. Heart rate & blood pressure monitor: Heart rate & blood pressure monitoring function will give you real-time feedback anytime and anywhere. Sleep monitor: It monitors your sleep quality through measurement of duration for deep sleep, non-REM sleep(dreamless sleep) and waking conditions Reminder: Set a reminder of important dates  Notifications: When you receive a call, text or a social message the watch will light and vibrate  Sport mode: keep up with your active lifestyle, real-time pedometer to help you track your goals SPECIFICATIONS: 0.96 inch TFT screen Chip: NRF52832 APP name: WearHeart Build-in 120mAh battery, Standby for 5-7 days, Frequent use 3-5 days Compatibility: All Compatible ROM: 128MB Screen Shape: Square Case Material: Alloy Battery Capacity: 120-180mAh
-51% sale
Bluetooth Fitness Watch $44.95 $89.99
Features 30-inch 240*240 IPS display, 2.5D full HD screen, dynamic 3D user interface with changing dial plate. Support IP68 waterproof, capable of daily water resistance, showering and swimming. Heart rate & sleep detection function, knowing your heart rate and sleeping quality. Camera remote control, taking a photo and capturing every memorable moment. Remind you if there is a message or a call coming. Wearing this smart watch it can be set a period time to remind you to take a break for relaxing your body 8 sport modes, including swimming, walking, running, riding, rope skipping, badminton, basketball, football, help you manage your health. Support BT 4.0, Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above. Specifications
-45% sale
Luxury Smartwatch For... $49.95 $89.95
Looking for smart watch that looks luxurious and elegant? This Luxury Smartwatch For Women will definitely catch your attention with its elegant design that is sure to complement any outfit. Features: Waterproof- Wear it without getting worried of it being caught in a rain. Accurate Motion Calculation- Use it as a sports watch and easily track your steps, distance and calories Incoming call and Messages- View incoming calls and messages on the watch easily Camera Control- Snap photos on your phone by controlling the watch (Perfect for taking group photos and selfies) Monitor Heart Rate-  Configurable wrist optical heart rate sensor Smart Reminder- Remind yourself to drink water, move around, sleep and many more Specifications Function: Electronic Case Material: Alloy Band Material: Stainless Steel Battery Capacity:  120-180mAh Display Size: 0.95inch OLED Compatibility: All Compatible (IOS and Android) Language: English RAM: <128MB Waterproof Grade: Life Waterproof Package Includes: 1 x Luxury Smartwatch For Women
Bluetooth Smart Watch... from $29.99 $49.99
The Couple Bluetooth Smart Watch features a sleek and modern design that is both aesthetic and functional.  Features Easily synchronize your phone calls from your phone to the watch and never miss an important call again. Conveniently check your messages on your phone without having to look at your phone Calculate your daily steps Monitor the quality of your sleep Perfect for office workers who sit for prolonged hours  Remote control camera for your phone Perfect as a couple's watch Specifications Battery Type/Capacity: 450mah/Polymer Battery Body memory: 64M+32M (supports memory card expansion) Resolution: 240*240 Display: 1.54 inch IPS HD LCD Total weight: 210g Bluetooth version: 3.0 Touch screen: OGS capacitive touch screen / 2.5D arc TP Overall size: 45.6*41.3*12.5MM
-21% sale
Firewood Log Holder... $39.95 $49.95
Hate making multiple rounds carrying firewood to find the trail of mess that was left behind from wood chips? Firewood Log Holder Bag Storage makes it much more convenient and mess-free to transport firewood logs. The bag also doubles as a storage space for your firewood logs without needing another storage holder for your logs.  Benefits: It helps from leaving a trail behind. It helps easily carry multiple logs at once while keeping your clothes and floor clean. It helps to carry in more pieces than just using your arms and hands alone. It helps likely fit as any size wood as you can carry with it's side-open design. Features: Heavy duty material -Waxed canvas material , scratch-resistant, stain and wear resistant; Reinforced handles was made more durable & long lasting. Equipped with metal buckle for securing and tightening the wood logs while loaded. Multi-function - As a fire wood carrier,to keep wood chips inside and not scattered on floor, for firepit, grilling and more As normal storage tote bag, to gathering Christmas tree, festival items, garden tools, picnic or camping accessories, and other household supplies. Portable - Can be fold up, easy to storage when not in use. Specifications: Color: Khaki. Material: Canvas. Size: About 48X32X38cm/18.86X12.58X14.93inch. Package Includes: 1 x Firewood Log Holder Bag Storage
-34% sale
Avilora - Cordless... $59.95 $89.95
This Cordless Airbrush Compressor Kit allows easy, quick applications for skin care, tattoo application, cake decoration and more. This compacted system is a great handheld compressor with continuous airflow and quiet motor. Great for personal use and beginning pro. Features: Compact and Portable: This Airbrush Single-Action Airbrush is Small and Lightweight, and Can be Conveniently Placed in a Backpack or Pocket Easy To Use: Auto Airbrush & No Switch Required. The Airbrush Will Directly Control The Pump and that Makes The Airbrush More Intelligent. Multipurpose: This Portable Wireless Airbrush is Extremely Versatile and Can be Used For Art Painting, Dinky Doodle, Porcelain, Car Spray, Temporary Tattoos, Cake Decoration, Skin Care, Nail Art, Handicrafts, Leather Care, Model Coloring, Barber Airbrush Kit. Higher Pressure and Precision: Can be used directly even without an air hose; Air pressure output is stable and the materialization is uniform. The pressure of this upgraded airbrush kit has increased 50% than other airbrushes. Durable Air Pump: The upgraded air pump was tested repeatedly, which not only optimizes the line but also improves the operating time of the air pump. Ergonomic Design: The hand-held design is curved and ergonomically designed to increase comfort for users. Simple to use, after you prepare the spray material, it can work by pressing the switch button. For Skin Care Mild oxygen injection, promoting blood circulation, exfoliate keratinocytes, activated hydrophilic factor, smooth as baby's face. You can use it to introduce oxygen to your skin,moisturizing, removing fine lines,shrink pores, delaying aging, paling spot and so on. Specification:  Material: Metal Voltage: 7.4V Weight: 390g Size: 4*11.5cm/1.57*4.53in Package Includes 1* Air Compressor 1 * Manual
-34% sale
Bluetooth Earmuffs Ear... $29.95 $44.95
Keep your ears warm and cozy while listening to your favorite tunes! Listening to music using ordinary headphones and earphones can be particularly uncomfortable especially during the cold season. Never suffer from freezing ears again with our 2 in 1 Earmuff Headphones! Features: Perfect for listening to music while keeping your ears warm during cold weather with its high-quality faux fur material. Bluetooth Headphone: Bluetooth 5.0 technology that produce great sound quality Noise reduction: CVC6.0 noise reduction technology, enjoy music without bother of noisy environment Headband controls include answering calls, play/pause, transmission distance is up to 100 feet Compact and portable: Can be folded to a compact form for easy storage and portability. The battery play time is up to 4-6 hours, and a USB charging cord is included with a charge time of about 2 hours. Specifications: Wireless Type: Bluetooth Sensitivity: 123dB Resistance: 9Ω Noise Reduction:CVC6.0 Using Time: 4-6hours Charging time: 2hours Size: 7.87x4.72x4.72inch/20x12x12cm. One size, fits most people Package Includes: 1 x Bluetooth Earmuffs Ear Warmer Headphones  
-45% sale
Electric Mini Heater... $49.99 $89.99
Why heat your whole house when you only use a couple of rooms? This Portable Mini Heater is  perfect for your office, dorm, garage or cubicle. Bring it anywhere with you and you won't have to deal with temperatures that are too chilly for you anymore! Features: Plugs into any outlet The heater will shut off automatically after 4 hours Heat within 3 seconds and maintains constant temperature for a long time to consistently blow out warm air Made of retardant ABS UL94 V0 material, which is safe and durable Automatic temperature heating, energy saving and environmentally friendly Removable hand warmer and can be held directly in the hand Specifications: Rated voltage: 220V Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Rated power: 400W Heater Size: 144*148*128MM Heater Weight: 482g Package Includes: 1 x Heater 1 x Hand Warmer 1 x Instruction
-29% sale
LED Night Light... $49.95 $69.99
The LED Night Light Heng Balance Lamp is one of the latest unique desk lamps which brings the new era of lighting. The unique point is being able to switch the lamp on and off by using the magnets in the center of the lamp. Our latest model features color changing LED Lights which is a great ambient and mood lighting for adults and children. Features: BALANCE LAMP: This beautiful lamp designed with a unique magnetic sphere switch. Use it as a calming nightlight for kids or adults!  MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This light emits a soft, gentle glow bright enough to be used as a book-reading light by the bed but dim enough to make an effective nightlight.  COLOR CHANGING LED LIGHTS: The light comes with interchangeable color which is red, blue and green. Easily adjust the lighting to your preference. If you want to add some ambient lighting to your room, this lamp is a must. FUN GIFT IDEA: If you’re looking for a unique gift for your loved one, this lamp is sure to brighten anyone’s day. It’s also a great way to tie together small spaces like dorms or studio apartments. SOPHISTICATED MINIMALIST LIGHTING: Whether you place this lamp in your home or on your work desk, this lighting adds a sophisticated and polished look to any space.  Specifications: Light source power :2W Luminous color: red, blue, green Switch type: magnetic absorption or button type Power interface :Micro USB Material: ABS Charging time: 3-4 Hours Use time: 15-20 Hours Package Includes: 1 x LED Night Light Heng Balance Lamp 1 x Charging cable  
-29% sale
Electric Infrared Neck... $49.95 $69.95
Stay warm and cozy with this Electric Infrared Heating Pad which also works as a Heat Therapy Pad for Neck and Back Pain Relief! Feeling tensed and aches after a long day at work? This Heating Pad will be your go to for neck and back pain relief. This Electric Heating Pad is a great choice for relieving pain as well as providing warmth to your neck and shoulders, as well as waist, and abdomen. Maintaining consistent heat, helping to provide soothing relief for sore muscles and other aches and pains.  Features: Fast Heating and 3 Therapeutic Settings: Heats up in seconds and features 3 different temperatures for a custom heat therapy session. Use at Home or Work: Wear at work or at home, soothes aching muscles so you can focus on your day. Comfortable Design: Design is tailored to fit the neck and shoulder area, which freeing your hands and providing maximum comfort. Targeted Relief: Heat helps alleviate stress from overused, inflamed muscles and joints. Find the option that targets relief right where you need it. Multifunctional: Help treat pinches, pain, and stiffness of the shoulder and neck, back, arms, legs, abdomen and so on, increasing blood flow, relaxing spasms, and soothing muscles. Machine washable: Cloth cover can be removed and washed. Specifications: Heating pad power supply: AC 120V, 60HZ, 55W Auto shut-off time: 120 minutes Size: 14 * 22 inches  Package Includes: 1 x Electric Infrared Neck Heating Pad 1 x Controller  
-55% sale
Bundle 2 Refracting... $119.00 $259.00
Explore The Secrets Of Space From Your Home   WITH 150X MAGNIFICATION ZOOM EXPERIENCE THE MOON-LAND RIGHT UNDER YOUR FEET. GET CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGES OF THE MOON.   No longer need hours to look for stars and constellations with the Star Finder The telescope comes equipped with a mobile phone holder so you can snap awesome photos of the moon, planets and stars with your phone! The pictures will definitely spark your interest in Astrophotography! Even if you are just a beginner, amateur or a professional, the Refracting Space Astronomical Telescope with Tripod is an easy to use telescope that can be easily mastered within a day. Discover the secrets of the universe and the insight of what might be beyond Earth. Equipped with 150x magnification and 3x Barlow lens, get a clear observation of the Moon and Saturn Rings alongside the other planets in space. BENEFITS: BEST Telescope for Kids & Beginners: Equipped with 3X Barlow len and two eyepieces, H20mm and H6mm, kids can get magnification of 15X to 150X. Whether it's watching stars and moons at night or observing planets, telescope is the best helper for kids & astronomy beginners. Large Aperture: 70mm aperture and 300mm focal length provide more lights and clearer images, even beginners can get clear images. The bigger the aperture, the bigger the field of vision, and the clearer the image. Easily Take Photos: Telescope set includes one smartphone adapter to explore the nature of the world easily through the screen and take amazing images. Easy to assemble & dismount: Don't worry about any installation problems. Even for first-time users, kids & beginners can install it themselves without any tools.  Easy Installation Good fashion is famously not cheap but this place lists a few active promos Good fashion is famously not cheap but this place lists a few active promos Powered by Embed YouTube Video   Package Includes: 1* Refracting Space Astronomical Telescope with Tripod 1 * Lens Cleansing Kit
-32% sale
Electric Heated Hand... $49.95 $72.99
Warm Your Hand & Body At The Same Time With This Blanket Features: Skin friendly Material: This Blanket is made from Cashmere as the inner material which is soft and smooth that makes you feel comfortable. Mini Warmer: It is located in the middle of the blanket and it provide warmness. You can insert your hand in the pocket or place it on your waist and stomach.  Multi Use: You can treat it as a blanket or a warmer which can keep you warm all the time. Portable: It needs to be plugged in with your power bank or PC so that you can use the warmer whenever you are. It is ideal for car, home and office used. Specifications: Material: Cashmere Power: 50W and above Heat Preservation Duration: Around 6 hours Product Dimension: 45.3 x 28.3 inch Package Includes: 1x Electric Heated Hand Warmer Throw Blanket 

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