Weight Loss Patch (Belly Slimming)

Weight Loss Patch (Belly Slimming)

These Weight Loss Patch (Belly Slimming) are known for their effectiveness when it comes to body shaping - they will tone, firm and tighten your body lines, help you lose inches, make your skin look better and improve overall appearance of the stomach and waist area. These patches stimulate the metabolic system and break down stubborn cellulite. 

Weight Loss Patch (Belly Slimming)

Compared to the traditional design of body wraps that require additional gels to secure them in place, these Weight Loss Patches are specially designed with an adhesive layer to does not require any additional gels or saran wraps. It is designed so that you can comfortably wear it anywhere, anytime and under any clothing. 

How It Works

Detox Slimming Patches

Weight Loss Patch works by applying an adhesive patch with natural active ingredients onto your skin where the  ingredients are absorbed. The process stimulates calorific burn and your metabolism. As a result, fat cells are removed, your body slims down and looks more toned in a short period of time.

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Main Benefits

Our Weight Loss Patches are used by many people and a lot of them have different goals. Some use it for overall skin Tightening and Firming, others are trying to lose a few stubborn inches or reduce cellulite appearance. We have customers who use it just for general skin conditioning as well as for reducing stretch marks appearance especially new mothers who are looking for a way to get their figure back post-pregnancy.

What Are The Patches Made Of?


As mentioned above, these natural active ingredients offer outstanding benefits, but once properly combined together, they are able to provide the best fat burning support imaginable!
For a closer look at the different main ingredients found in patch, see below:
Sophoricoside: Natural patented medicinal substance that has temporarily decreases body fat
    Salicornia europaea ( Salicornia herbacea extract): Softens skin and manages triglyceride
      Capsaicin: Enhances elasticity and suppresses swelling Temporarily decreases cellulite by making fat cell’s collagen tissue flexible
        Far Infrared ray / Anion: Accelerates circulation and maintains warm skin temperature
          Angelica gigas, Astragalus : Prevention of obesity
            Plantago asiatica: Decreases body fat.

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