Workouts At Home Made Easier

It’s already March 2020! Have you made a promise to yourself to go to the gym more often but you just haven’t got the time? Don’t give up on your fitness goals just yet! We have shortlisted the best home workout essentials to help you sweat it out at home- no gym membership necessary.

Yoga Wheel

For those who often attend yoga classes, sometimes you’ll face difficulties doing your yoga poses at home alone as there is no instructor to help correct your posture. Here’s where the Yoga Wheel comes in handy! The Yoga Wheel will work as your instructor when you’re alone helping you to reach that extra few inches with your bends and stretches. Challenge yourself with back bends and more advanced poses with our Yoga Wheel to help release tension of your body especially the back, chest and spine. If you have always been intrigued with Yoga and haven’t got the time to go for classes, this Yoga Wheel is perfect for beginners as well. You will definitely feel it when you are stretching with this wheel. Unlike other Yoga Wheels in the market, this Yoga Wheel is constructed from Eco- friendly TPE Material which is durable and long lasting.

Workout Band


This Workout Band looks fairly simple but it will bring your workouts to the next level! If you are targeting on having toned thighs and butt, this will be your favorite go-to. The lightweight band allows you to take it and use it anywhere, no excuses anymore. This Workout Band helps to keep your core tight while pushing your muscles to work through the full resistance. Just 5 minutes workout a day and you’ll be closer to your fitness goals. Besides that, if you’re also facing lower back pain this Workout Band is going to come in handy. Daily exercises strengthen your lower back muscles as well as stretch it out and ultimately reducing the strain on your lower back. It is simple and easy to use but gives you maximum results.

Waist Trainer

Our Women's Waist Trainer is the ultimate garment for women looking to tone, trim and shape their waistline and achieve that sexy hourglass figure. When it comes to having toned stomach and abs, diet and slimming pills can only go so far. The basic premise behind waist training is simple. Wearing waist trainers and perform various exercises such as stretching or pilates will eventually work to reduce your natural waist size over time. What’s special about our Waist Trainer is that is specially designed with a stretchable material that does not compromise on comfort. The Waist Trainer works to stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process to shape & reduce the waist and abdomen. Equipped with adjustable velcro straps that offer your preferred level of compression. The inner layers increase body temperature, resulting in more sweat, while the outer layer is extremely absorbent. Sweat on the inside while staying dry on the outside!

Abs Roller Wheel

Abs Roller Wheel is an all-in-one home gym equipment you need to work out for abs with its simple yet effective exercise routines. Designed in a lightweight and compact structure, you can easily put it away in a storeroom or under the bed after use. Target your abdominal, chest, back, arms, shoulders, thighs and buttocks with 1 workout equipment. As you move, the tension bands assisted bidirectional force increases, providing more resistance and a more intense workout. Perform up to 40 different exercises with this Abs Roller Wheel.